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Digital Transformation Team

We help legacy legal companies with digital transformations.
rolesProduct Manager, Front-End Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Software Engineer
tagsNode.js, TypeScript, React

Data Science Team

We build data science, ML, and AI solutions for LegalTech platforms.
roles2 Data Scientists
tagsPython, Java, C#, GNU, RVCT, MSVC, OpenGL

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Creator Economy Marketplace Team

We build platforms that bring collaborators together.
rolesFront-End Developer, Full-Stack Developer, UX Expert
tagsNode.js, React Native, Flutter, Laravel

Hospitality Marketplace Team

We build web platforms that connect hospitality workers & customers.
roles2 Front-End Developers, Software Engineer
tagsPython, JavaScript, React, Django, PostGres, Reddis

D2C Food & Beverage Team

We build React web apps that help consumers discover food & beverage products.
rolesFront-End Developer, Software Engineer, UX Expert
tagsNode.js, React, NextJS

On-Demand Services Marketplace Team

We build mobile apps that connect customers & service providers.
rolesProduct Manager, iOS Developer, Full-Stack Developer
tagsNode.js, Swift, React, Typescript

Legal Marketplace Platform Team

We build platforms for under-represented professionals to seek legal teams.
rolesFull-Stack Developer, UX Expert
tagsTypeScript, Python, React, Django

Marketplace Rapid Prototyping Team

We help companies test marketplace ideas by creating fast prototypes.
rolesProduct Manager, UX Expert
tagsRuby, Saleseforce, JQuery

Subscription Health Provider Team

We build subscription platforms for Health & Wellness brands.
rolesFull-Stack Developer, UX Expert
tagsNode.js, React, Shopify

On-Demand Healthcare Team

We connect patients & providers with React Web platforms.
rolesFront-End Developer, Software Engineer
tagsTypeScript, Python, React, AWS, Django, Docker, PostgreSQL, +2

Medical Booking App (React) Team

He build platforms that help patients get the medical care the need, faster.
rolesFront-End Developer, UX Expert
tagsNode.js, React, AWS, Javascript, Typeform

Insurance Back End Team

We build insurance tools that enable independent agents to reach & advise patients.
rolesSoftware Engineer, Devops Engineer
tagsReact, Django, Tailwind CSS

On-Demand Health (Ruby on Rails) Team

We connect patients & providers with Ruby on Rails platforms.
rolesFull-Stack Developer, 2 Software Engineers
tagsReact, Ruby on Rails

Telemedicine & Health Provider Team

We build platforms that connect patients and health providers.
rolesProduct Manager, iOS Developer, UX Expert
tagsSwift, React, Typescript

Direct to Consumer HealthTech Team

We build health management platforms that help patients find providers.
rolesFull-Stack Developer, UX Expert
tagsReact, React Native