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FinTech eCommerce Team

We embed personal finance into eCommerce experiences.
roles3 Full-Stack Developers, UX Expert
tagsNode.js, React, AWS, NextJS, Postgres, TS, Plaid, +3

Digital Transformation Team

We help legacy legal companies with digital transformations.
rolesProduct Manager, Front-End Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Software Engineer
tagsNode.js, TypeScript, React

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Decentralized Markets App Team

We build blockchain/decentralized market apps for open financial systems.
rolesProduct Manager, 2 Front-End Developers, UX Expert
tagsReact, Solidity, Javascript, Smart Contracts

Data Science Team

We build data science, ML, and AI solutions for LegalTech platforms.
roles2 Data Scientists
tagsPython, Java, C#, GNU, RVCT, MSVC, OpenGL

Insurance Back End Team

We build insurance tools that enable independent agents to reach & advise patients.
rolesSoftware Engineer, Devops Engineer
tagsReact, Django, Tailwind CSS

AI Payments/eCommerce Team

We build solutions that remove payment friction in eCommerce.
rolesProduct Manager, iOS Developer, 2 Software Engineers
tagsNode.js, TypeScript, Swift, React, Kubernetes, NoSQL

eCommerce Transactions Tech Team

We build eCommerce tools that provide customers with more choice in transaction methods.
rolesFront-End Developer, Software Engineer
tagsReact, AWS, GraphQL, NextJS, Apollo, Tailwind CSS, DynamoDB, +6

DeFi Yield Farming Team

We build products that decrease the barrier for yield farmers and liquidity producers.
rolesFull-Stack Developer, 2 Front-End Developers
tagsReact, Solidity, Ethereum, Web3, Smart Contracts

B2B Purchasing SaaS Team

We build apps that simplify the purchasing process for businesses.
rolesFull-Stack Developer, UX Expert
tagsReact, Javascript, Ruby on Rails

Social Token & NFT Team

We build blockchain apps for the creator economy.
roles3 Full-Stack Developers
tagsReact, GraphQL, Typescript, Solidity, Web3, Nextjs, Vercel, +2

Crypto Payments Team

We build payment infrastructures to power economies of the future.
rolesFull-Stack Developer, Software Architect
tagsReact, GraphQL, Typescript, Solidity, Web3, Nextjs, Vercel, +3

Layer-2 Protocol Team

We build solutions that help Smart Contracts scale.
roles2 Front-End Developers, UX Expert
tagsReact, Smart Contracts, React on Hooks

Crypto Exchange Platform Team

🧬 Our DNA is blockchain. Hire us for any crypto challenge.
roles2 Full-Stack Developers
tagsTypeScript, Objective-C, React Native, C / C++, CSS, Solidity, Ethereum, +7

Subscription & Payments Team

We build payments experiences for media and entertainment companies.
roles2 Full-Stack Developers
tagsReact, AWS, GraphQL, Typescript, Typegraphql, NextJS, CSS, +2

Blockchain Payments API Team

We build APIs that connect merchants to the digital payment ecosystem.
roles2 Full-Stack Developers
tagsPython, MongoDB, AWS, Docker, Typescript, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes, +1

Crypto Interface Design Team

We build smart & intuitive design for crypto currency platforms.
rolesProduct Manager
tagsFigma, Sketch, Adobe CC

FinTech Website Team

We strategize, design, and develop FinTech websites.
rolesFront-End Developer, UX Expert, Copywriter
tagsJava, Figma, Webflow, Wordpress

Micropayments Mobile/Web Team

We build payments & micropayments apps.
roles2 Full-Stack Developers
tagsReact, AWS, GraphQL, Typescript, Typegraphql, NextJS, CSS, +2

FinTech API Team

We build FinTech APIs that help apps talk to each other.
roles2 Full-Stack Developers
tagsTypeScript, Swift, React, Redis, Kotlin, Ruby on Rails, Tailwind, +1

FinTech User Research Team

We conduct user research for leading Fintech companies.
rolesProduct Manager
tagsMaze, Figma, Miro