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FinTech eCommerce Team

We embed personal finance into eCommerce experiences.
roles3 Full-Stack Developers, UX Expert
tagsNode.js, React, AWS, NextJS, Postgres, TS, Plaid, +3

Digital Transformation Team

We help legacy legal companies with digital transformations.
rolesProduct Manager, Front-End Developer, Full-Stack Developer, Software Engineer
tagsNode.js, TypeScript, React

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Data Science Team

We build data science, ML, and AI solutions for LegalTech platforms.
roles2 Data Scientists
tagsPython, Java, C#, GNU, RVCT, MSVC, OpenGL

D2C Food & Beverage Team

We build React web apps that help consumers discover food & beverage products.
rolesFront-End Developer, Software Engineer, UX Expert
tagsNode.js, React, NextJS

Full Stack eCommerce Team

We build solutions for every stage of the eCommerce funnel.
rolesProduct Manager, Full-Stack Developer, UX Expert
tagsJava, React, React Native, MongoDB, Typescript,

AI Payments/eCommerce Team

We build solutions that remove payment friction in eCommerce.
rolesProduct Manager, iOS Developer, 2 Software Engineers
tagsNode.js, TypeScript, Swift, React, Kubernetes, NoSQL

IoT/Sensors eCommerce Team

We build eCommerce platforms for the future.
rolesiOS Developer, Front-End Developer, Software Engineer
tagsSwift, CSS, Javascript, RFID, HTML, ThreeJS

eCommerce Transactions Tech Team

We build eCommerce tools that provide customers with more choice in transaction methods.
rolesFront-End Developer, Software Engineer
tagsReact, AWS, GraphQL, NextJS, Apollo, Tailwind CSS, DynamoDB, +6

PoS Payments React Team

We build custom tools that enhance your brand's check-out experience.
rolesProduct Manager, 2 Full-Stack Developers, UX Expert
tagsReact, Typescript

Eco-eCommerce Team

We build eCommerce tools that help brands lower their carbon emissions.
rolesProduct Manager, Full-Stack Developer, UX Expert
tagsReact, Typescript

B2B Purchasing SaaS Team

We build apps that simplify the purchasing process for businesses.
rolesFull-Stack Developer, UX Expert
tagsReact, Javascript, Ruby on Rails

Social Token & NFT Team

We build blockchain apps for the creator economy.
roles3 Full-Stack Developers
tagsReact, GraphQL, Typescript, Solidity, Web3, Nextjs, Vercel, +2